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More than ever our need for Vitamin D is vital. Your daily ‘fix’ is easy to source in more rural areas of the country and for those with outdoor spaces to enjoy, yet what happens when you can’t get outside and when you don’t have a private space you can sit out in all day?

Currently we are being asked to reduce our daily outdoor exercise to just 60 minutes a day. This is fine when you can almost guarantee the lack of social contact from suburban life, but when your local park is bursting with individuals all wanting to get outside – what can you do?

Going out early in the morning or late in the evening are two options to consider, but sunlight is an important source of Vitamin D so how can we maintain this for our well-being during lockdown?

If you are unable to go outside, or concerned about your source of Vitamin D, here are some recommended foods (and recipes) by The Kitchen Cookery School, located at our coastal sister property, Chewton Glen, to keep yours topped up during this challenging time:

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