Pets Education

Learn from your pets...

They don’t know what’s hit them. All they know is their household is at home, the attention has doubled and controversially in some cases, so have the daily walks…

We can learn so much from our pets. With many at home and with little to do we should take this time to observe them in their natural habitat.

With a handful of the team working from home we’ve discussed some of the things we’ve already learn from our four legged friends:

But first, stretch

Have you noticed that no matter how long your cat has been sat for, or been asleep, that they don’t start to do anything before they’ve stretched their entire body? From the tips of their front paws right to their back legs. This is the way you should start your day.

Keep it simple

Very few dogs will resist the temptation to wag their tales when they lock eyes with their owners. All your doing is looking at them, yet to them this is amazing. They enjoy walking down the road, they enjoy sniffing the grass, they enjoy sitting outside watching anything, and nothing pass them by.

Take pleasure in the little things like your dog does.

Express gratitude

In some cases you may have to work for it, but once you’ve pleased your cat in the way they want you’ll hear the soft, soothing sound of their purr. This is a thank you. Make sure you express gratitude and say thank you to those who are kind to you.

Lower your expectations

Your dog has very little expectations of life. He just wants to eat, sleep, walk, repeat. Travelling the world with his owners, having a brand new comfy bed and perhaps a new companion or two are merely bonuses to his life – what a feeling.

“When you love everything you have, you have everything you need.”

Make sleep a priority

Now, cats on average sleep between 12-16 hours a day. Realistically this isn’t possible for the human race, however prioritising sleep is. Sleep helps our brains to heal from the day, process and rest in order to function to its best ability the next day.


You’ll notice your pets often just sit and be. Mostly their eyes begin the close, or they start to sniff the air. It’s time like this that we too should inherit, pausing for thought, reflecting on our day… just chilling out!