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Things to do with the children...

As a nation we’ve adapted to this ‘new normal’ as well as we can, with each of us experiencing this situation is many different ways. For the key workers it’s business as usual, with some having to isolate away from families which must be extremely hard.

There are then those who have transformed their dining areas into new office spaces with the added value of ‘dress down Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… (you get the idea).

Some of us have forgotten how to apply make-up, others have let facial grooming go by the wayside, parents have discovered a whole new level of respect for patient school teachers, and some have even realised their own lack of knowledge on subjects such as history, science and maths.

There’s the exhausted family dog who once enjoyed the novelty of 7 walks a day by each household member, now it’s wearing off and they sigh at the word ‘walkies’.

Time remains the only concrete element of our lives and for that we must be thankful. So if you’re one of the above looking for new activities and fun ways to entertain the children during lockdown, we asked Walder Events, our Hotel Activity Partners for their top activities to try at home to keep you all entertained:

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