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Working from home? Keep it moving...

We develop some bad habits when in the zone at our desks such as crossing our legs or slouching. The long term effects of this habits such as these will come back to bite us, if they haven’t already!

Some of you will be working from home and with that comes the art of adaption. You’ve been removed from the purpose-built environment you once knew, and now you’re having to sit at the dining room table or in luckier cases, the home office.

It’s the dining room table where bad habits can creep in. By now you’ll have realised that the comfortable chair you once sat on, socialising with family and friends, isn’t actually that comfortable after 8 hours. The back has begun to ache, the shoulders feel tense and your knees crack with every bend… perhaps your body is trying to tell you something?

Here are some tips to help you take care of that posture when working from home:

Take a break - It’s important to keep moving during the working day. Get up after every hour and go and make a drink, or walk around your home just to give your body a break from its sitting down position.

Stay grounded – Don’t be tempted to cross your legs or sit on them whilst working, however comfortable that may feel. Keeping your feet firmly on the floor will stabilise your body and naturally keep you sitting up straight.

Stretch – Keep your core and upper body moving to release tension. Stretch your arms out and above your head, hold your arms above your head and move your upper body from side to side, keeping your lower body firmly in place in order to stretch that core. You can also slowly roll your shoulders back and your neck from side to side.

Breathe – Inhale and exhale slowly, to release tension.

Remember; our bodies were designed to move and stand tall. We were not designed to sit, slouched in the same position for hours each day. Be kind to your body, and it will be kind to your mind.